Welcome To Kiss Flower Farm

Learn more about our food and our roots


Our story

We are passionate about providing delicious creations to our customers, our products are made in seriously small batches using local, organic and sustainable ingredients, many grown right here at Kiss Flower Farm. 


Our creations

We lovingly create yummy jams & spreads, spices, granola, pantry items and more. As much as possible, each product is made using locally sourced, organic ingredients with many ingredients grown right on the farm. Food is our passion and we’re always creating new delights so stay connected!


our origin

Kiss Flower Farm gets its name from “Beija Flor”, the Portuguese word for hummingbirds, as they appear to be kissing each flower.

Legend says that hummingbirds fly free through space and time bringing love, joy , and celebration. It is also our wish to bring love, joy, and celebration in all that we create!